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 ✔   Digital visitor registration

 ✔   Without the intervention of a receptionist

 ✔   GDPR approved

 ✔   Personal visitor badge with access code

 ✔   Standalone or integrated with access control

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Emprova-Visitor ensures a fast and digital registration of all inbound and outbound visitors without the intervention of a receptionist.

Visitors register via a kiosk and receive a ticket with all the necessary information. Before they leave the building, they pass through the info kiosk again to unsubscribe. It can not be easier! In addition, an electronic logbook of all visitors and an up-to-date evacuation list is always available in case of emergency. Finally, in the administrator module you can create visitors in advance and send them a personal reminder as well as consult reports.

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GDPR approved

Emprova-Visitor is fully in line with the new GDPR legislation of May 25, 2018. The personal details of your visitors are therefore protected at all times.

GDPR bezoekersregistratie


Bezoekersregistratie in slechts in enkele stappen

Digital registration and logout in a few steps

The visitor first selects his preferred language and indicates whether he arrives or leaves. The visitor can then enter his personal details and give his approval to store these details. Optionally, he can also view and approve any safety regulations. Finally, the visitor indicates who he is visiting with which the registration is completed. After registration, a print order will be processed to the label printer with all visitor information and an access code. This makes the service 'all-in'.


Integrated or standalone

Emprova-Visitor is seamlessly integrated into our Emprova software, but can also be used standalone perfectly. The integration with our access control, does give you some advantages. For example, you can give your visitors a personalized QR code that limits their access to a number of rooms. In addition, in case of emergency, you have one central evacuation list with all the people in your buildings. So no more hassle with separate lists.

Bezoekersregistratie geïntegreerd met toegangscontrole


Bezoekersregistratie Emprova-Visitor

Administrator module

The administrator module consists of two parts. In the first part you create visitors in advance and send them a reminder via mail. In addition, you can also consult various reports. In the second part you adapt the registration process, can add languages in addition to the standard languages (Dutch, French, German and English) and change the complete look & feel to the corporate identity of your company.


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