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 ✔   IP camera surveillance

 ✔   High image quality with strong zoom possibilities

 ✔   Integration with access control

 ✔   Connected to the existing company network

 ✔   View the surveillance images online in a safe environment

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Theft and vandalism can cost your company a lot of money, therefore it is necessary to be alert. IP camera surveillance is an important aspect in the security of a building or business. A camera installation is a very efficient deterrent for unwanted visitors, but also allows large areas to be observed in a discreet manner. Both day and night; in the offices, production halls and warehouses; as well as on the car parks.

GPS provides you with a contemporary and user-friendly monitoring system: with remote control, high image quality and simple analysis of the recordings. State-of-the-art technology at the service of your safety.

Keep an eye on everything

The right choice of camera forms the basis of a properly functioning camera surveillance system. Our product range continuously strives for maximum image quality for optimal identification.

Camerabeveiliging GPS Time & Security

Camerabewaking GPS Time & Security

Easy to integrate

A recording server can easily and quickly be included in your existing company infrastructure. Via your computer and smartphone you can easily and quickly view the livestream or recordings, and export them.

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