Time registration terminals

The Emprova software allows you to register time via different channels. Always tailored to your company and all employees.


1. Time clock / Time registration terminal

GPS has a wide range of time registration terminals. Thanks to reliable technology and a robust design, they are a sustainable solution for your company. Registering working hours and breaks can be done easily via a personal badge or by means of a fingerprint.

Prikklokken Tikklokken Tijdregistratieterminals GPS Time & Security Emprova


2. App for smartphones and tablets (iOS & Android)

Emprova-Mobile is the app for smooth online & offline time registration via your smartphone and tablet. With this you tick in and out from any place with just a few clicks. An additional advantage of the app is the recording of the geolocation with each registration. This way you always have an overview of all work-related movements of your employees. Read more about our time registration app

Emprova-Mobile | De app voor tijdregistratie


3. Self service via the internet browser

Employees who have a computer at their disposal can also register by means of the virtual clock in Emprova-Self Service. This can be opened without special installation and in any internet browser. Read more about the self service

Emprova-Self Service


4. Softclock via the internet browser

Emprova-Softclock is a solution to register the working hours of your employees at a low cost. The module can be used via any internet browser and has all the functionalities of a traditional time registration terminal. Once the softclock has been configured, it can be used unlimited and without special installation on any computer or tablet.

Emprova-Softclock | Maak van elke pc een prikklok

5. Dialing in by telephone

With Emprova-Voice the time registration takes place over the telephone. Your employees call in on a telephone exchange that is connected to a voice computer. This computer then forwards the registrations to Emprova-Time for further processing.

Emprova-Voice werkuren registreren via de telefoon


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