Emprova-Time | Time registration

 ✔   Registration and processing of working hours

 ✔   Efficient daily follow-up with presence panel

 ✔   Connections with social secretariats

 ✔   Flexible reporting module

 ✔   Integration with (existing) access control

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Emprova-Time allows you to manage the time registration of your employees in a central, user-friendly and quick way: regular working hours, overtime, flexible hour schedules, bank holidays or vacation…

Your time registration system is custom configured, the number of employees, the organizational structure and the control functions you require taking into account. The working hours are digitally recorded and automatically checked for deviations. In addition, your payroll administration is then fully automated via a connection with your social secretariat.

Save your HR department a lot of time from 85 euro/month.


Register working hours digitally

With individual badges, (biometric) time clocks, the PC or the smartphone, all hours are recorded: normal hours, overtime, glide time, work at home, leave days, breaks… Emprova-Time registers it all. Read more about our registration terminals

Registering working hours in GPS Emprova

Automatic processing of working hours in GPS Emprova

Automatic processing of working hours

The processing takes place after the registration. On the basis of the calculation rules, the registered hours are divided into counters and then shown in a clear view. You can adjust this view to your own taste. Read more about our Self Service

Efficient personnel administration thanks to management by exception

By using the error filter you will only see the incorrect records. You can then resolve this yourself or you place this responsibility with the employee who can correct the situation via an application. The daily follow-up is therefore fast and efficient.

Management by exception in GPS Emprova

Faultless remuneration in GPS Emprova

Correct remuneration of your employees

With one click you send the correct hours to your social secretariat. Thanks to connections with all social secretariats in Belgium and the Netherlands, your remuneration is flawless, every time again.

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Cloud (SaaS) vs. On-premise

Our workforce management solutions for time registration, project registration, personnel planning and access control are available in the cloud & on-premise. So you yourself make the choice to rent monthly or to buy at once.

Mix & Match

GPS uses a modular platform. This means that you can easily link time registration with project registration and personnel planning. Finally, we also integrate access control, even your existing Paxton installation, for a central management.

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