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Natra in Malle has been a customer since 1999. The sister company Natrjacali in Bredene followed in 2014. Both sites use extensively our time recording software with automatic salary linkage to the social secretariat and the temping office. In addition, 600 employees can insert their benefits and request leave online via the self service module. Our planning software ensures optimal use of staff. We also manage several doors for access control.

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From three days of work on the weekly planning to half a day. From an impossible cost allocation to one that is correct to the decimal point. And from employees with a lot of questions to a transparent system for payroll processing and vacation requests. At NatraJacali the impact of GPS is enormous. "We will soon be rolling out this system to our other locations," says HR & Finance Manager Matthias Verlaeckt.

Natra is a Spanish multinational with six production facilities in Europe and Canada. Their specialty? Chocolate spread, pralines, seafood... everything that has to do with chocolate. With two branches in Belgium in Malle and Bredene. It's in that last facility where Matthias is the HR & Finance Manager. "At Natrajacali, everything is about flexibility. Our workers work on multiple lines per day. We need to be able to quickly and smoothly turn our production around - our schedules are always on the move."

The weekly schedule: from three days to half a day

"In the past, it took us three days to prepare a week planning. Collecting the vacation days and absences from our time registration, puzzling everything manually in Excel, a correction round ... And finally putting everything into our system", says Matthias. "Now we are finished in half a day. Everything happens automatically in GPS."

"The personnel planning module sets up a standard schedule. And since that generator is linked to the time registration, he immediately takes into account all scheduled absences. We only have to fill in the holes in the grid. The planner also looks at the job and competences of each employee. So that at every place the right man or woman is in the right team."

Done with darts

"We record these competences in a matrix. We assign a score for each competence. This is useful information for our planning department and for our employees that need to be trained on time. But it also offers a grip if you work with temporary employees. Need extra manpower on a specific production line? Then GPS gives an overview of temporary workers with the right skills."

"This way we can contact the right candidates in a targeted manner. While the other way looks more like darts: a long list of names where you choose someone on good luck."

Precise cost allocation

It also happens much more precisely: the cost allocation. "We used to have problems determining who worked on which line how many hours. Our flexible work schedules prevented an exact cost allocation. Everyone had a standard cost location, but that did not correspond with reality."

"Now the overview is there. We installed a time clock per production line, so that we can perfectly monitor the number of hours worked on each line. This way we can compare the planned hours with the final working hours. This makes it possible to check where things are going well. And where you have to adjust the planning."

More transparency for everyone

This accurate time registration is not only an advantage for the management. "Everything is more transparent for our employees as well. With Emprova-Self Service they check their own time registrations, request vacation days and have access to the schedules."

"All this translates into a much more transparent pay slip. We send everything in GPS to our social secretariat. The result is a fast, accurate and detailed salary cost", says Matthias.

From two full-timers to one

"This transparency is also a huge advantage for the HR department. We used to receive a multitude of questions. That is now a thing of the past. How do I get that many hours that day? You can now check it all yourself. Was I not entitled to that premium? Easily requested via the planning. What about those overtime hours? It is now automatically programmed."

Together with, among other things like the automatically granted premiums, it leads to enormous time savings. "We went from two to one full-time staff at our personnel department. That says enough, I think."

From Bredene via Malle ... to Canada?

"GPS is a positive story for us. And because we are so satisfied, we will soon be integrating the system into all our Belgian sites", Matthias concludes. "And we are already looking abroad to implement it there."