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The correct drafting of a personnel planning isn't easy. A planner has to take into account various factors. Each department must be complete, taking into account skills, balances and absences of your employees.

With Emprova timeslot planning you can draw up a complete staff planning in an efficient and user-friendly way, based on freely selectable start and end times. This planning is therefore not dependent on a fixed schedule such as a grid planning. Through a strong graphical representation you can see at a glance whether there are enough employees planned. Thanks to a simple and logical structure, our timeslot planning can be used in any sector and everyone can quickly learn electronic planning.

Save your planners a lot of time from 95 euro/month.


Create online personnel plannings

The timeslot planning is fully integrated in the self service, allowing you to design and modify the personnel planning online. Via the planning board you can add or delete timeslots both on a day and on a weekly basis, for one or more persons. In addition, you plan with the help of a theoretical schedule without fixed start and end times. You only need to meet the total number of hours per week that you are shown. You can adjust the planning quickly and efficiently by making the timeslots longer or shorter. After all, you can quickly export or print the prepared schedule to inform your employees.

Online personeelsplanning in GPS Emprova


Personeelsplanning met integratie tijdregistratie GPS Emprova

Integration with time registration

By this you check if the time registrations of your employees are in relation to the planning. When there is a deviation from the planning, you will receive a notification in the software. On the other hand, it also allows you to approve, for example, overtime from the planning board.


Consult online

To inform your employees about their planning, they can call on our app or self service. It shows a work schedule and the place where people are expected to come to work. Finally, their absences are also visible in the same view. So your employees are always well informed.

Personeelsplanning online raadplegen GPS Emprova


Online personeelsplanning voor flexibele werkomgevingen GPS Emprova

Focused on flexible work environments

Emprova timeslot planning is theoretically applicable in every sector. But the module mainly focuses on flexible working environments such as retail, hospitality, service desks, daycare centers, etc. These environments often require situation-bound and ad hoc changes which a planner cannot take into account.


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Cloud vs. On-premise

Our workforce management solutions for time registration, project registration, personnel planning and access control are available in the cloud & on-premise. So you yourself make the choice to rent monthly or to buy at once.

Mix & Match

GPS uses a modular platform. The module time registration with self service is the basis and you can easily link the timeslot planning module or other modules like our app, project registration and access control.

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