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The correct drafting of a personnel planning is not easy. A planner has to take into account various factors. Each department must be complete in number and function, taking into account the skills, balances and possible absences of your employees.

With Emprova grid planning, you can draw up a complete personnel planning based on a fixed schedule in an efficient and user-friendly way. In this case, the start and end times are fixed, in contrast to timeslot planning. Thanks to a simple and logical structure, our scheduling schedule can be used in any sector and anyone can quickly learn electronic planning.

Save your planners a lot of time from 95 euro/month.


Calendars per group

You can create different calendars yourself in Emprova grid planning. Ideally per department, but that choice is entirely up to you. You can easily add or change a planning in the calendar. This according to the drag & drop principle. This allows you to quickly plan one or more people for one day or several days. During planning you have all daymodels and absences with a fast search function at your disposal. With each change you always have an overview of the occupancy, optionally with needs check per department, per shift type and per function.

Personeelsplanning in GPS Emprova


Personeelsplanning GPS Emprova

Change employees temporarily of department

Through the membership, your employee is permanently assigned to a department. Nevertheless, it may be that you temporarily want to have certain employees working in another department. This is possible because you can easily exchange employees between departments in the calendar per group. In doing so, the original membership is always retained. This function also allows you to allocate a planning in different departments to temporary or interim employees.


Integration with time registration

Thanks to the integration, the information from time registration and planning is shared. An absence due to illness that is processed in the time registration will also be visible to the planner and automatically adjust the occupancy. In addition, time records are also checked against the planned schedule.

Personeelsplanning met tijdregistratie GPS Emprova


Online personeelsplanning GPS Emprova

Consult planning online

To inform your employees of their planning, they can call on our app or self service. It shows a work schedule and the place where people are expected to come to work. Via these online tools, a planner or a head of a department can also make small changes to the planning.

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Cloud vs. On-premise

Our workforce management solutions for time registration, project registration, personnel planning and access control are available in the cloud and on-premise. So you yourself make the choice to rent monthly or to buy at once.

Mix & Match

GPS uses a modular platform for the Emprova software. The time registration module is the basis and you can easily link the grid planning module or other modules such as our app, self service, project registration and access control.

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