100% uptime

More and more companies say goodbye to their own IT infrastructure and opt for Cloud solutions. However, this also entails risks regarding availability, privacy, malfunctions, ...

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Newcomers of the month

This month we again put two new customers in the picture. The honor is for car tires supplier Deldo and VcE², a consultancy agency for construction & engineering.

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No extra work with Checkin@Work (Checkinatwork) thanks to the Emprova time registration software.

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Retrospective 2017

On behalf of the entire GPS team: Thanks for the trust and the fine cooperation during the past year. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2018! Together we will certainly make a wonderful year. High time to look back on what we have achieved last year! We look back on the past year with a good feeling. Thanks to new customers, new colleagues and many new functions in our software package, we have succeeded in achieving our ambitious goals.

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Sliding work schedules: finally a legal framework

Since the entry of the law Feasible and Manageable Labor, companies may choose to introduce sliding work schedules in accordance with the new legal provisions. Sliding work schedules are an instrument of flexibility for employees, allowing them to autonomously plan their work according to their professional needs and to better combine their work with their private life.

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