Today is Work-From-Home-day!

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A third of the Belgian employees may work at home from the boss. This is shown by figures from HR service provider SD Worx. Especially those who have to commute for a long time are happy with it. The study was made in function of the National Work-From-Home-day.

SD Worx relies on a survey among 2,500 employees. With a third of all employees who are allowed to work from home, Belgium scores on average in Europe, and we are on the same lines as Germany and the United Kingdom. In France and Austria, only a quarter of employees are allowed to work from home. The Netherlands scores better: four out of ten are allowed to work from home.


Almost six out of ten are happy with that possibility. Not surprisingly, especially for those who have to commute to work for a long time. The longer one is on the road, the more satisfied with the option of teleworking. About half of those who are on the road longer than one and a half hours a day, do it one or more days a week.


Today there are countless ways to facilitate working from home. A good example of this is the time registration solution of GPS. This makes it easy to register working hours by means of a smartphone app or a web application. In this way, the management and personnel department gain an insight into the working hours of the home workers so that productivity does not suffer. Thanks to the calculations in the time registration software, payrolling runs without a glitch at the end of the month.

Working from home is not possible for everyone

Still, not everyone breaks out the champagne: more than one in ten (12 percent) has no interest in working from home and for nearly a third (31 percent) it is practically not feasible. Not all employers allow homework. 22 percent of the employees who are not offered this are unfortunate, 9 percent are not interested and 69 percent indicate that it is virtually impossible for the job. As expected, the latter figure for workers (91 percent) is higher than for white-collar workers (56 percent), that's what SD Worx sounds like.