Track & Trace registrations in Emprova

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For some years, mobile employees have already been able to register their working hours via Emprova-Mobile, the app for mobile time registration. This solution works perfectly for most companies. Especially where mobile employees only need to be at a few locations per day. In addition, Emprova-Mobile is also a very cost-effective way of mobile time registration because most employees already have a smartphone.

However, this way of time registration does not work for certain employees such as construction workers or couriers. They don’t have a smartphone, there are too many locations visited in a short time, the planning department wants to know where the vehicle is at all times,... In these situations there is a need for an extra way to register working hours, namely a Track & Trace system.

Until recently, GPS Time & Security didn’t have a solution for this, but that is now changing. No, we haven’t developed a Track & Trace system, because that isn’t our core business. We do, however, appeal to the knowledge, experience and technology of GeoDynamics. With over 30,000 vehicles at 3,000 customers, they are the reference in the field of Track & Trace systems.

How does it work?

The driving, resting and working times are registered by means of a hardware device in the vehicle and stored in IntelliTracer. Thanks to a bidirectional integration, the data is then imported into Emprova for further processing. The big advantage of this is the central management of the entire payroll administration of your company. In addition, data such as personnel data from Emprova can also be imported to IntelliTracer with a single click. In short, the integration saves you time, money and a lot of headaches.

Would you like to know more about the integration with GeoDynamics? Or do you want to process Track & Trace registrations in Emprova? Please contact your trusted GPS contact person or send us an email welcome@gps-time.be