GPS was founded more than 30 years ago by Roger Lambie. His goal was to offer the most recent and successful solutions in software and hardware. From the very first day, we chose to provide a total package to our customers in which time registration, personnel planning, access control and camera surveillance are seamlessly integrated.

From the headquarters in Genk, more than 30 enthusiastic and highly qualified employees are ready every day to achieve these goals. As a family business, we will achieve our goals with the flexibility, efficiency and ethics that our customers expect from us. Our loyal international customers and partners, including major brands, help us realize our ambitions in Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Our mission

We are a dynamic family business. We offer digital and strategic HR solutions for optimal flexibility in your organization. We aim for market leadership through our exceptionally high total range.

Our vision

Our long-term strategy includes the management and application of the latest technologies. Thanks to our GPS community, we confirm our innovative role, stay in close contact with our stakeholders and focus on the customer! Thanks to the strength of our family business, our flexibility and our flawless mentality, we guarantee a high level of service and professionalism.


The connection and integration of other applications is becoming increasingly important. We ensure a seamless integration of our solutions with your existing software and hardware. The investments you have made in the past continue to make a profit. And you will continue to work in a familiar environment, while still achieving a huge efficiency gain.